We initially saw our mission as serving rural students, but eventually realized that ExplorTech combines mentorship and project-based learning to provide life-changing opportunities for many of our student who suffer some form of isolation.

Isolation comes in many forms; rural students suffer geographical isolation, urban students are isolated due to race and/or gender, especially in white-male dominated subjects like computer science. Introverted students can thrive on isolation, but need to develop social skills in order to also thrive in an academic or professional setting. And LGBTQ students can suffer severe isolation. Many home-school students we meet are LGBTQ, and home schooling can be isolating in and of itself. And many types of emotional problems create isolation; this is especially evident during the pandemic. Many of these students simply need to experience a little success!

So that is why we invent. At ExplorTech, we study advanced subjects like AI, but our students are not all academic superstars, and some feel inferior to their peers. The invention process has an uncanny equalizing effect. Anyone can invent!